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Rich in history, ripe with resources and no shortage of things to do, East Texas is a hidden gem we are proud to call home. Holli and Ciara share a collective passion for exploring and fostering community growth. Particularly when it comes to creating a culture of supporting other women. Along with our guests, we offer an unfiltered view and dedicated space to discuss the unique challenges and successes facing female business owners, community leaders and women in general.

In the scheme of things, East Texas may seem relatively small. However, the 35+ counties that make up the Piney Woods are spread out a considerable distance. Join us as we pull back the pine curtain and share experiences, create connections, offer insight, news and resources to bring East Texans together. It’s all good in the piney woods!

Meet The Hosts


My East Texas roots run deep. My grandmother was born in Gilmer right before the Great Depression. I’ve lived in Gilmer, Longview, Austin and Waco where I graduated with a degree in Communications from Baylor. Sic ’em Bears. One of my favorite things to do is meeting new people and discovering all the amazing things East Texas has to offer. My husband, daughter, and dog now call beautiful Marshall home.


My home has always been in East Texas. After attending college at Stephen F. Austin State University in the oldest town in Texas (Nacogdoches), I spent a few years traveling around. But something kept drawing me back to the Pineywoods. Every time I visited, the people were nicer, the sunsets were prettier, and I felt the area calling me home. I now spend my time keepin’ Tyler rosy with my husband, son, and yappy Chihuahua.

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Episode #5: Building Your Business From The Ground Up

In this multi part segment Holli and Ciara interview female-founded business owners from a variety of backgrounds. Each person tells their story of how an idea evolved into an actual business. They share seasoned advice, inspiration and encouragement. Ciara and Holli offer pointers on marketing and building your brand while touching on potential pit falls and challenges unique to women. In this particular episode we talk with Meagan Lissner, co-owner and founder of Moss – a boutique flower shop specializing in fair trade flowers, located in the heart of Tyler, Texas.
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Episode #4: Homeschool Here We Come

Search “Homeschool” on the internet and prepare to go down a rabbit hole that will likely lead to more questions rather than getting yours answered. Ciara felt overwhelmed 2 years ago when she started researching homeschool options for her daughter. Parents are understandably anxious about homeschooling but Holli and Ciara are going to help put your anxious minds at ease, give you some time saving tips, resources and a sense of community as you settle into this new role.

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Episode #3: Fear Is Not The Boss Of You

Holli and Ciara agreed to read the same book titled, “Fear Is Not The Boss Of You” by Jennifer Allwood. The author, like many of us was stuck in an office job that she dreaded but felt too “stuck” to do anything about it. The author shares her insight into what helped motivate her to get “unstuck” and delves into the fear we all hold onto when faced with new challenges. Hear each of our unique perspectives on this book and what we think our listeners will find most valuable. We share our own stories about being scared of change and what helped us take the leap into something more rewarding.
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Episode #2: Staycations - Your Next (mini) Big Adventure

As much as we would love to jump on a plane and jet off to some exotic location for a vacation there are several obstacles standing in our way related to the pandemic. Health is number one for us but even if we decided to throw caution to the wind the pandemic’s fallout is felt on many levels. With job uncertainty, travel restrictions from various places, and the fear of getting stuck somewhere for an extended period of time traditional vacations are off the agenda for us. But, we are all looking for ways to escape our everyday lives and get some reprieve from screen time. We asked some friends to weigh in on some of the best options for a “staycation”.
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Episode #1: Welcome & Introductions

Holli and Ciara dive into the vision behind ETX Podcast. The inspiration for building up the women in our community is very close to our hearts. Women face unique challenges in business, leadership positions and balancing our personal lives. We are juggling more roles now than ever before. There is no doubt we can all use the support of our collective sisterhood as we explore ways to lift one another up.
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